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The Victus Platform can support you to deliver individually customized
online health and nutrition programs to each of your clients, in just a few clicks


The Victus Platform contains a comprehensive and continuously evolving recipe database of healthy and delicious recipes, tailored for a wide range of health conditions

Each ingredient and recipe has been scientifically
classified according to:
– Nutrition content
– Food constituents/compounds (including allergens)
– Suitability for inclusion in various diet templates

The Victus Platform contains 3 different ingredient-filtering modules

Clinicians can ‘mix & match’ filters from one, two or all three of the modules, according to the specific needs of each client.

Module 1 Module 2 Module 3
Single Food Group Filters

Eg. dairy, soy, eggs

50+ Filtering Options

Multiple Selections Enabled

Food Intolerance Filters

E.g. lactose, fructose

20+ Filtering Options

Multiple Selections Enabled

Diet Template Filters

E.g. Low Histamine Diet

12+ Filtering Options

1 Selection Enabled

By selecting or eliminating
appropriate recipe ingredients and
filters, clinicians can create
personalized health programs..
with just a few clicks

The Victus Menu Planning Tool
– Practitioners and their clients can also create weekly menu plan from the clients filtered recipe list
– Practitioners can create menus for specific conditions and then issue them to multiple clients at once


Clients get immediate mobile access to
an online healing program that has been
personalized for their current health needs

Once a program has been created and saved in a
client’s online portal, the system automatically
generates a personal login email.

Clients can then access their nutrition plans, filtered recipes and tailored program information via their smart phone or computer.

As healing progresses, the program can easily be
updated by the practitioner, with a quick change to the dietary filters. These changes will automatically be updated within the client’s portal as soon as the ‘save’ button has been clicked.

Key benefits for clients
The system:
– Flattens client learning curves
– Reduces adoption mistakes and
– Enables faster healing outcomes.


The recipes contained within the database, have been developed or adapted to suit the needs of busy home cooks.

Victus Platform Recipes:
– Contain only wholefood ingredients
– Feature easy to follow instructions
– Display nutritional information

Clients can:
– Easily find ingredients in their local grocery store
– Learn new food preparation skills
– Access personalized recipes
– Create weekly menu plans
– Keep track of their nutrient intake
– Adopt lifestyle change faster
– Adhere to programs for longer
– Become preventative focused

BONUS Practitioner Software Option

The Victus Platform also caters to new, part-time and low-tech practitioners who want to move away from paper based practice management systems but who don’t currently have need for really advanced practice management software.

– Make online appointments
– Make progress notes
– Communicate program updates to clients using their portal

Practitioners already using Practice Management Software or other clinical software may also be able to integrate it with the Victus Platform.

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The Victus Platform Fosters Coordinated, Personalized and Participative Care

The Platform includes a range of health tracking tools and a secure communication portal where clients can record progress, food reactions, notes and questions. These tools are designed to empower clients’ to take a more active role in their own health care.
The most reliably classified and
extensive menu planning program available online

The Platform’s ingredient classification data has been aggregated from
the leading world authorities on the diets and food compounds featured.

The Victus Platform is a continuously evolving cloud-based resource
that has been custom designed and built on a closed and secure platform.

Updates occur automatically in the cloud and its intuitive user interface
makes it easy to use (even for low-tech users)


Pauline O’Sullivan
BA. BSc.

Michelle Ridgway
BComm, MAcc
The Victus Platform is an innovative new practice building system that has been developed by two Australian women, whose experiences maintaining children on special diets inspired the enabled functionality.

The Platform was successfully launched in Australia in 2013 and is now being used by clinicians in 10 countries.

A board of highly qualified and multi-disciplinary advisors supports the Company’s Founders and Directors

Victus Practitioners and Advisory Board Members play a crucial role in the Platforms ongoing evolution.

Optimize your clinical outcomes and take control of your time using
– Victus Health’s Cloud based Software –

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