Advanced Technology for Personalized Nutrition
The Victus Platform contains a complete meal planning software solution. The array of ingredient sifting filters makes it possible to program a very individualized elimination diet programs. Then with the click of a few buttons plans can be updated with provocation menus. It shortens the learning curve for patients and enables them to pass through the restrictive elimination phase faster as they make fewer mistakes. The provocation phase is also much easier as patients get a whole new selection of recipes, the instant their program filters are adjusted to enable new ingredients to be included in the diet again. I wouldn’t be without it now.

Maree Symons, Brisbane, Australia
Health Educator – Naturopath

I first met the founders of Victus Health at a conference and I could tell that they were genuinely committed to serving healthcare practitioners and their patients. I became one of their early adopters and I have never regretted it. The platform is continually being upgraded with new diets filters and functionality and any support questions are answered promptly.

Kris Barrett, Gold Coast, Australia
Integrative Nutrition Coach

The Victus Platform is the best practice-building tool for new graduates that I have come across. It really is impressive. 

Kelly EpsKamp, Perth, Australia

I really appreciate the Victus Nutrition Platform.  It has helped this so many of my patients in their healing journey.

Liz Champagne, MA, RD, LD, CLT – Louisiana, USA
Registered Dietitian/Functional Nutritionist, LEAP Therapist

The Victus Nutrition Platform is a very valuable resource in my Nutritional Medicine practice.  The software enables me to provide a higher level of care, without taking away from my time. It provides a range of nutritional plans & tailoring options to suit each individual client.  My clients find Victus very easy to use and they enjoy the great variety of recipes which are tasty, easy to follow & they are not spending hours in the kitchen.  Victus helps takes the fear out dietary changes for my clients and assists them regain control over their health and well being.  Using Victus in my clinic has overall lead to improved compliance with my clients.

Liz Montford – Bunbury, Western Australia –
BHSC – Nutritional Medicine 

I am in love with the software! Fantastic! It is going to change my practice!

Francesca Orlando,  San Diego, California, USA

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