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If you are a health professional delivering nutritional plans or dietary advice in your practice, you will know that offering personalised recipes, diet guides, meal plans and food lists for your clients, takes an inordinate amount of your time.

Tailoring recipes to incorporate the latest scientific research for specific health conditions, intolerances, allergies, DNA sequences and dietary preferences is no mean feat.  In fact, it is so time consuming, that it is not economically viable for most practitioners to provide this level of service.

Yet the clients who are most in need of expert help, are searching out the clinicians who provide this kind of individualized care.

They know that the one-size-fits-all menu plans flogged by diet gurus, popular magazines and blogs don’t work.  Additionally, the exponential rise of people suffering from non-communicable, lifestyle-related diseases, the demand for expert personalised care is growing rapidly.

It is our sincere hope that you discover through your free trial, how the Victus Platform can empower you to provide your clients with more targeted nutrition programs, for faster and longer-lasting clinical outcomes.

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Having interacted with thousands of practitioners about the platform, over the course of the last four years, we have summarized below the most commonly asked questions:

Software Package Options

Because we are all about personalized nutrition, Victus Health only licenses our software to qualified health professionals, who provide one-on-one client care, including initial health assessments and ongoing case management.

We provide a range of software packages, developed to match the scope of practice of the various Health professionals we provide services to.

Solo & Multi-Practitioner License Options

Software license levels can be adjusted according to:

• the number of client profiles required
• whether the license is for a solo practitioner or for a group of clinicians operating within a single clinic practice

Establishment Fee (Set-up Fee)

A one-time-only establishment fee covers the cost of delivering an extensive array of front-loaded content, as well as for the provision of training and support.

Money Back Guarantee

A 7-day money back guarantee is available on all software purchases.

Monthly Service Fees

The recurring monthly fees cover the cost of internet hosting and for the provision of technical support for you and all of your clients.

• Monthly fees are calculated according to a cost of delivery per client profile.

• Only active clients are included in the costing.

• Inactive clients may be archived or reinstated at any time.

• Licenses start at 50 clients per license

Passing on costs to clients

Practitioners are entitled to pass on the licensing costs to their clients and many Victus practitioners do so, either by:

• Offering a low monthly fee (e.g. $10 per month)
• Charging a lump-sum fee for a limited period of online access (e.g. $50 for 3 months’ access)
• Incorporating the cost of access into a program fee (e.g. A 12-week weight-loss program complete with coaching, supplements, tests and
weekly group training/lifestyle education classes).

Alternatively, many Victus Practitioners choose not to pass on costs as they find that use of the platform:

• helps to lower their operational costs
• provides their clinic with a valuable point of difference
• enables them to scale their practice faster
• additionally, licensing fees can be claimed as a business tax deduction

Client / Patient Profile Numbers (the license levels)

There are a range of license level options based upon the number of client profiles on a clinic license.

Starting license levels are:

• 50 client/patient profiles for solo practitioners and
• 100 client profiles for a multi-practitioner clinic license

We recommend starting on the lowest license level and adjusting the level up, as you build your client base. This is because you will need a little time to become familiar with the software and incorporate it into your practice.

After the first 6 months of using your license, you will be in a better position to judge how many profiles you are likely to require on an ongoing basis.

Client / Patient Access

A Practitioner license authorizes you to provide your clients with online access to their filtered content, via the client portal of the Victus Personalized Nutrition Platform.

Recipes and other content, developed for Victus Platform end users, may only be accessed through this Victus Online Client Portal.

If your clients wish to, they may print out recipes and resources for their personal use only.

Recipes, menu plans and other resource material may not be distributed or displayed in any other way by you or your clients (including through PDF copies, recipe books, e-books, nor through private online membership portals or through any other format or distribution channel).


What Filters come with this Package?

Elimination Module Filters:

Wheat FreeYeast Free
All Sugar FreeCasein Free
Chocolate FreeCitrus Free
Corn FreeDairy Free
Egg FreeFish Free
Gluten FreeGrain Free
Legume FreeMeat Free
Peanut FreePork Free
Refined Sugar FreeSesame Seed Free
Shellfish FreeTree Nut Free


Intolerance Module Filters:

Low GlutamatesLow Histamines
Nightshade FreeNitrate Free


Special Diet Filters:

Gluten Free DietWhole Food Diet
Gluten Free - Casein Free DietLow Starch Diet
Low Carb DietSugar Free Diet
Paleo (Strict) DietRaw Food Diet
Paleo (Liberal) DietVegetarian Diet
Gluten Free-Grain Free DietVegan Diet


Victus Health is a purpose-driven company

Our purpose is to empower health practitioners with the technology to deliver timely, personalised, coordinated and participative healthcare, to fast track client healing and relieve the overburden on healthcare systems worldwide. 

To achieve our goals, we are constantly evolving the platform, so any additional questions or feedback about how the platform could be improved, would be gratefully received.

If you’ve already completed your free trial and are ready to focus your energies on what matters most for you and your clients, please submit your registration by clicking on this link:


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Please feel free to email for any additional questions.


Yours Sincerely 

~ The Victus Health Support Team ~


Phone: +61 414 311 968

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