Advanced Technology for Personalized Nutrition

Software Package Information

Victus Health only licenses it’s software to qualified health professionals, who provide one-on-one client/patient care, including initial health assessments and ongoing case management.

We provide a range of software packages, developed to match the scope of practice of the various Health professionals we provide services to.


License Fees:

All licenses attract a one-time-only establishment fee which  covers the cost of delivering an extensive array of front-loaded content, as well as for the provision of training and support to the practitioner and their clients and patients.

The recurring monthly fees cover the cost of internet hosting and for the provision of technical support for the practitioner and all of their clients/patients.

• Monthly fees are calculated according to a cost of delivery per client/patient profile.

• Only active clients/patients are included in the costing.

• Inactive clients/patients may be archived or reinstated at any time.



Software license prices vary significantly according to:

  • the number of client/patient profiles required
  • whether the license is for a solo practitioner or for a group of clinicians operating within a single clinic practice
  • the type of license (licenses are labelled based on the qualifications of the professionals that they are designed for, e.g. Health Coach & Personal Trainer Package (HCPT Package) & Nutritionist & Registered Dietitian Package NRD Package)

As an example: The starting license for the NRD Package, for a Solo Practitioner License to add up to 50 clients or patients to their license (excluding the one-time-only Set-Up Fee is ($39) per month


License Levels:

There are a range of license level options based upon the number of client/patient profiles on a clinic license.

Starting license levels are:

• 50 client/patient profiles for solo practitioners and
• 100 client/patient profiles for a multi-practitioner clinic license

We recommend starting on the lowest license level and adjusting the level up, as you build your client/patient base. This is because you will need a little time to become familiar with the software and incorporate it into your practice.

After the first 6 months of using your license, you will be in a better position to judge how many profiles you are likely to require on an ongoing basis.


How the Free Trial works:

Because Victus Health’s Personalized Nutrition Software is in use in 10 Countries, and Licenses are only made available to qualified health practitioners, we need to have a way to easily verify the name and qualifications of potential licensees.

To activate a FREE TRIAL ACCOUNT we require credit card details to be entered. However, no automatic charges will be made against a card at any point during or after a Free Trial activation.  A 7-day money back guarantee is available on all software purchases.

To purchase a license following your trial requires a separate authorization form, depending on your individual package requirements.  To simplify our pricing information for you, each package price breakdown is displayed during a free trial.

Victus Health has partnered with EWAY, a fully compliant PCI-DSS 3.2 Tier 1 payment gateway provider, which means that the private information on your credit card profile will be masked from view and will not be held on our database.

If after activating your FREE TRIAL you cannot see an email containing your login details, please check your SPAM/JUNK folder. Depending on your internet connection this may take a little while to appear. Email if you need additional assistance.





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