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Elimination Module Filters include:

Egg FreeFish Free
Shellfish FreeCorn Free
Garlic FreePotato Free
Tomato FreeLegume Free
Gluten FreeSugar Free
Quinoa FreeCasein Free
Grain FreeWheat Free
Yeast FreeCitrus Free
Herb FreeSpice Free
Coconut FreeRefined Sugar free
Meat FreeFruit Free
Almond FreeLemon Free
Rice FreeGum Free
Starch FreeOrange Free
Strawberry FreeCarob Free
Chocolate FreePork Free
Turkey FreeChicken Free
Beef FreeLamb Free
Tapioca FreeBuckwheat Free
Sorghum FreeOat Free
Millet FreeChia Free
Amaranth FreeSunflower Seed Free
Seed (All)Leek Free
Onion FreeSesame Seed Free
Peanut FreeDairy Free
Soy FreeTree Nut Free

Intolerance Module Filters include:

Low Fructans (Fructo-Oligosaccarides)Low GOS (Galactic-Oligosaccarides
Moderate FOS (Fructo-Oligosaccarides)Low Fructose
Low GlutamatesLow Histamines
Low PolyolsLow (added) Nitrates
Balanced FructoseLow to Moderate Salicylates
Low AminesModerate Amines

Diet Filters include:

Gluten Free DietWhole Food Diet
Gluten Free-Casein Free DietLow Starch Diet
Low Glutamate DietLow Sugar Diet
Paleo (Strict) DietRaw Food Diet
Paleo (Liberal) DietVegetarian Diet
Gluten Free-Grain Free DietVegan Diet

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