Advanced Technology for Personalized Nutrition


Yes we offer a 7 day money back guarantee from the purchase date.
Practitioners may cancel the program at any stage by giving Victus Health Trading 30 Days notice. (Email
Access to the Platform continues for as long as practitioners are paying their monthly fees for using the platform.
The monthly service fee covers the cost of delivering hosting, bandwidth and technical support to the licensed clinic / practitioner and to the number of clients on the hosting plan they have selected.

The fee increases when the license threshold has been reached and the practitioner wants to add more clients by upgrading to a new license.

Because the fee structure is based on the cost of delivery to each client the model:
• Ensures equity across the different licensing levels
• Makes our service accessible to smaller practices and
• Enables scalability as a practice grows.

We cater to smaller clinics, by allowing multiple practitioners from one clinic to be included in a single license. For example, if there are several clinicians operating out of one clinic and they are all using the software, they could buy a license to suit the number of patients that they would see in total (as a practice group) per month.
The low cost of delivery and the high patient demand for tools to make lifestyle change easier, means that practitioners will easily be able to pass their costs onto their patients.

Similar direct to consumer platforms (that lack the scientific accuracy, comprehensive range of dietary filters and the communication portal provided by Victus Nutrition) charge $10 a month access.

Assuming a clinician were to charge your patient $10 per month for access to the Full Software Package and was paying $35 per month for the first level of licensing, they would only need to have 4 patients using the system to recover the cost of delivery.

They will also be increasing the likelihood of patient engagement and adherence to the programs they develop and will have greater capacity for managing more patients with the time savings provided by the system – improving patient outcomes and practice profits.

Yes – Practitioners are in complete control about whom they add and delete from the platform. If a client leaves your care you can archive their profile and if they re-engage – you can reactivate them with the click of a button.
When you offer your client the Victus Nutrition Service you will need to explain how the program works? How to login? How to use the functions? What fees you are charge for this extra service? Etc. This would also be the best time to explain the other rules of engagement. For example:
• How to contact you in an emergency?
• Who to contact with technical issues?
• When you will review the information that they upload and how they should communicate with you in non-emergency situations.
Helping new clients to learn how to use the portal is part of the support plan covered in your monthly fees.
A how to guide to get into the portal is on the web landing page for the client login portal
Once they have logged in a more comprehensive list of help files are available to them.
Please ask your clients to lodge a support ticket or email directly to for any issues that they may be having using the portal.
Victus Health will ONLY communicate directly with a client following a request for technical assistance.
Practitioners will be CC’d on emails from the patient to Victus and on the communication back to the client from the Victus Help Desk.
There are a few mandatory fields that must be entered in order to create a client profile. They are:

  • Email
  • First and Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Password (make this simple, the client can change it at any time)

After you have filled in those fields clicked ‘save’ the client will appear in your client list and you will be able to create a nutrition plan. To save time, you do not have to enter any other client data.

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